In our shop you can buy as many lenses as you want. Payment with credit card is available. We sell various kinds of Contact lenses and Bifocal contact lenses, which might not be sold in other shops. We have a large stock of contact lenses. So, you can buy daily disposable for Astigmatism(toric lens) and daily disposable of -10.00 power at our shop right away that you might have to order at other shops.

Tax Exemption Procedure

Person eligible for than exemption

Non-residents who made purchases eligible productsYou cannot get a tax exemption if you have been staying in Japan for over 6 month

Application period

Day of purchase only

Required items

Your own passport (necessary immigration stamp・copy unacceptable)

Tax Exemption Regulations

・Procucts eligible for tax exemption are limited to those products purched for personal use only (products for commercial use are excluded)

・To get tax exemption for consumable items, your purchase has to be above 5,001 yen and should not exceed 500,000 yen.
・Do not open the packaging until you have left Japan.Please note that if you consume this product while in Japan,you may be subject to pay consumption tax.

・Consumable items should be exported within 30 days from the purchase date. Do not consume this product while in Japan.Otherwise, you may be subject to pay consumption tax.

・At the time of departure from Japan, please submit "Record of Purchase card" that is attached to your passport to the Director of Customs.


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