ACUVUE® OASYS MAX 1-Day | Jコンタクト


MAX comfort. MAX clarity.

This contact lens is the best choice for modern people who use digital screens for longer periods of time.
The advanced technology is adopted, which gives the lens a special design that reduces discomfort and blurring of vision caused by blue-violet light from digital screen, LED lights and the sun.

30 lenses/1box
¥4,880(tax included ¥5,368)
$31.90(tax included $35.24)
90 lenses/1box
¥13,684(tax included ¥15,052)
$89.84(tax included $98.82)

What makes these contacts great?

  • Highest level of blue-violet filtering±† available
    With OptiBlue Light Filter, these contact lenses filter about 60% of blue-violet light.
  • All-day comfort
    TearStable Technology is designed to lock in moisture.
  • Built-in UV protection
    Features the highest classification of UV blocking available in contacts.
  • 30-day or 90-day pack
    About 1 or 3 months' worth of contact lenses in one box.

With the yen depreciation, it's a better deal than major markets!

1 day ACUVUE OASIS MAX (30 lenses)
1box ¥4,880(tax included ¥5,368)/1box $31.90(tax included $35.24) /1box
1 day ACUVUE OASIS MAX (90 lenses)
1box ¥13,684(tax included ¥15,052)/1box $89.84(tax included $98.82)/1box
4boxes ¥13,211(tax included ¥14,532)/1box $86.73(tax included $95.40) /1box
8boxes ¥12,080(tax included ¥14,532) /1box $79.31(tax included $87.24) /1box
(*This is a reference value. Exchange rate as of April 24, 2024.)

Exchange Rate JPY: 火, 28 5月.

A prescription is required to purchase contact lenses.
In the example of the adjacent ophthalmologist, the total cost to get a prescription is as follows.
¥1,480(with insurance of 30%)