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Why you need a prescription for contact lens.

You need to submit a prescription for the following reasons.

1.To avoid using the wrong lenses

  • In order to use contact lenses with correct data of your eye, you must receive medical check and prescription from an ophthalmologist. Since our eyesight changes time to time, you need a thorough inspections from a specialist. You cannot make a decision on your own. Nowadays, living environment is quite diversity so it is necessary to be deliberated carefully about your lens material, power, and shape.
    If the lens does not fit your eye, its position might be unstable.

2.To choose appropriate brand

  • There are various brand for contact lenses. It is difficult to choose the suitable lenses from others' evaluation and reviews. We recommend you to receive medical examination from an ophthalmologist and full explanation from the staff, and actually try wearing them before buying.

3.To find eye diseases before using contact lenses

There are several diseases that medically prohibit using contact lenses. For example, acute inflammation of anterior eye part, infectious eye disease, uveitis and heavy dry eye are some of the diseases. These diseases can only be diagnosed by ophthalmologists. Among these diseases, some of them can be easily noticed by subjective symptoms, but some can be difficult to see under lifestyle habits and other diseases. Also, most people leave some diseases untreated. Using contact lenses under those conditions can make the disease worse, and might completely lose your eyesight. By having medical check-up by an ophthalmologist, you can prevent the worst situation.

4.Reduce a risk when the lens didn’t fit

In the case when the lens you bought didn’t fit, there might occur eyestrain or headache if you use them with too much enduring. Depending on the lens, it can cause keratitis or conjunctivitis so it is necessary to consult doctor before buy lens. Our shop (J contact) has each neighboring ophthalmologist (on Shinjuku and Ikebukuro) to see a doctor. The ophthalmologists provide comprehensive care ’wearing contact lens for the first time, regular eye check, and overall health’. Please tell us if you have any troubles with your eyes. If you want to wear contact lens safely, you need to get regular checkup from ophthalmologists.