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  • J-contact Shinjuku is just 1minite walk from JR Shinjuku station, contact lens shop. Our shop enrolls staff who are available for English.
    Our business hour is until 8:00p.m. on weekdays, 7:30p.m. on Saturdays and 7:00p.m. on Sundays and National Holidays. So it is easy for you to visit us after work.
    We handle various contact lenses, which are not only Spherical lenses but also toric lenses and bifocal lenses with reasonable price.
    Most of contact lens suppliers including us require contact lens prescription by your doctor.
    The consultation fee is around 1,450(83元 in Chinese Yuan, $13 in US Dollar, $99 in Hong Kong Dollar, $420 in Taiwan Dollar, and $18 in Singapore Dollar)if it doesn’t include medical prescrption.
    We have an eye clinic that is established next to our store and the clinic also enrolls English and Chinese fluent staff. Either English or Chinese, you can receive proper consultation and you can choose suitable lenses for your eyes.

Shinjuku Access

  • 9th floor of Hulic Shinjuku Building,3-25-1, Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo


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